Custom Creations that Help Bring Our Clients’ Dreams to Life

Toronto Glass & Railings is known for our custom creations that take our clients’ dreams and breathe life into them. We want you to be satisfied with the final product, and we work to create a custom experience tailored for you and using the best industry equipment available.

We Walk You Through the Entire Process

Toronto Glass & Railings has over thirty years of experience in walking our clients through the entire design, installation, and maintenance process. We also pride ourselves on our high-quality control measures and standards that help to produce defect-free materials and products. One of the things that differentiates us is that we already have the equipment and staff needed to complete your project. We begin by processing the materials and taking time to clean, sand, and debur them. When they are cut to perfection, we send them to our welders in the assembly and fixturing section. We use in-house and out-house components to create a final, though unfinished, rendition of your product. Then, we take additional quality control measures before either completing or breaking down the work to finish its components individually. We are committed to perfection, and we want you to have a product backed by a transparent process!

We Have Extensive Local and National Experience

Toronto Glass & Railings uses the following metal welding processes: TIG, MIG, and STICK. Whether you have your heart set on stainless steel, aluminum, hot and cold rolled mild steel, galvanized metal, bronze, brass, or copper, we can help you. Our business saw its beginnings in 1991, and those thirty years of experience have attracted engineers, architects, designers, general contractors, contractors, and homeowners. We are one of the leading metal fabrication shops, and we treat each client with care and respect.

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